Thursday 15th November 2018


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School  »  Glimpses of God at St. Edward's

A conversation overheard between 3 YF pupils:
Child 1: "Do you know that Jesus is God's son?"
Child 2: " And God is here for every morning."
Child 3: "And every night."
(Oct 2018)

A Y3 pupil asked his teacher during story writing:
"Can I write that I knew  I was going to be alright because God would protect me?"
(Oct 2018)

Two Y6 pupils collected some leaves from the grounds to put on the class altar. A third Y6 pupil stated:
"They collected the leaves because they wanted to collect God's beauty."
(Oct 2018)

Mini Vinnie Day:
Our Mini Vinnie group invited the Mini Vinnies from Barkston Ask Primary School, to join us for a special celebration day. During the day the children made Easter baskets to sell for charity. They then learnt various worship songs, before preparing a liturgy in groups. We ended the day by celebrating the liturgy together. The children all worked wonderfully together and demonstrated what it is to be a Mini Vinnie.

Mini-Vinnie Visits January 2017:
Our Mini-Vinnie group continue to do works of charity and look at the Acts of Mercy. Some of the group have visited one of our senior parishioners at home.

Christmas Toy Collection:

Our Mini-Vinnie group organised a collection of toys as part of the Radio Aire Christmas Appeal. These toys will go to children and young people who otherwise would receive no Christmas presents. The huge number of toys and presents collected in school demonstrates everyone's generosity and care for others.

Mini-Vinnies lead on Acts of Mercy:

The Mini-Vinnie group in school is concentrating on raising funds to do as many of the Acts of Mercy as possible. They have held a clothes and blankets collection for the refugees from Syria, under the act of "Clothe the naked" and have raised money, bought food and delivered it to the food bank warehouse, in order to respond to "Feed the hungry."

Turning Concern into Action:

Due to the SVP moto of "Turning Concern into Action" our Mini-Vinnies do not simply ask for donations when they fund raise - they make the products themselves (eg cakes or Easter baskets) to sell in order to fund their charitable acts.

Three Foundation children told their teacher, "We've been playing Mini Vinnies. We've been practicing so we can help each other and be a Mini Vinnie when we are older." (Summer term 2016)
We opened our Mini Vinnie group up to years 4, 5 and 6. That we got 35 children volunteer to join this group, and thus give up their time to help others in need is a real testament to the work of God at St. Edward's.

Pupil in Class 4 leading their classmates in a collective worship, which they had prepared themselves.

Question: How should we live?
Answer: "We should show that God is in our hearts." Quote from 4 year old in morning prayers.
Spontaneous prayer from 6 year old
"Thank you God for inviting me into your world."
Poem from 11 year old about the Sign of the Cross: 
"When I make the sign of the cross,
I remember Jesus dying on the cross to forgive our sins.
I think of the Holy Trinity and when the disciples
received the Holy Spirit.
When I touch my forehead,
I think of how God is in my thoughts.
I ask Him to be in my mind all the time,
especially in hard times.
When I touch my chest,
I think of how God is in my heart.
I ask Him to be forever there,
and to always love me.

When I touch my shoulders,
I think of the Holy Spirit coming down.
I ask God to help me with responsibility,
and help me remember what He wants me to do.
When I make the sign of the cross,
I think of God and all He has sacrificed for me.
I think of Jesus who has given up so much for me,
and would do anything for me."
After the Passion Play 2014: One Reception child, age 4, was inspired to make the Y6 pupil who played Jesus a picture of herself playig the role, surrounded by her disciples.
Question: Why do you like yellow?
Answer: It reminds me of Jesus who is the light of the world. Quote from 7 year old.