Thursday 27th July 2017


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Pupils  »  Class 5 - Year 5/6

Maths Day:
This year the school took part in the NSPCC's Maths Day, which focused on Number. During the day Class 5: planned and booked a class trip with costings, created a Geometricity (see photo) in groups, took part in a KS2 Numbers Quiz, and completed various logic, reasoning and arithmetic games in the hall (such as the Tower of Hanoi, seen in the photo below).

Class 5 visit Magna:
Class 5 visited the Magna Science Museum in Rotherham, to enjoy an interactive science experience. Their day included extracting DNA from fruit and learning about DNA sequencing.

The Last Supper:

The video below is a compilation featuring all children performing 'The Last Supper' from Jesus Christ Superstar. The children had used the clip from the 2000 version to inspire their own writing as either Jesus or Judas focusing on their emotions. After this they were given one lesson to act this out. The children thought about the interactions of Jesus, Judas and the apostles.

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Class Rules Video
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Class 5 Crosses:
Class 5 pupils made these effective crosses on the Day of Mercy. They hammered nails into wood to remind them of how Jesus was nailed to the cross, and them wove thread around the nails to create their cross. They made crosses to symbolise how merciful Jesus was to us by dying on the cross. Some children chose certain coloured thread to represent something eg. red to represent Jesus' blood, and his love for us, or while to symbolise his resurrection.