Saturday 25th November 2017


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Pupils  »  Class 2 - Year 2


Class 2 made a colourful sculpture of the Coral reef in their Art lessons. This linked to their "80 days around the world" topic in which they visited each of the 7 continents.

Jackson Pollock:

In art, Class 2 have learnt about the work of Jackson Pollock. They have looked at some of his own paintings and then have created their own art work in his style.

Greek Plates:

In history, Class 2 have been learning about the Greeks. They have looked at artifacts and Greek pottery, and have made their own plates in the Greek style.

Class 2's Day of Mercy:

During our third" Day of Mercy" pupils in Class 2 made angel cards and wrote mercy promises.


Class 2 have all used their card making skills to make superhero pop-up cards, which look very striking.

C2 Online Safety:

Pupils have learnt about how to be safe when going online. They know what they should and should not do on the computer in order to safeguard themselves and their personal details.

C2 I Feel Safe:

Children in class 2 have thought about both what keeps them safe in school, and also when they are out and about, and in the home. They have created a display in the classroom to remind them of what helps to keep them safe.