Saturday 25th November 2017


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Pupils  »  Class F - Reception

Chicks in Class F:
Class F pupils were very excited to have 12 eggs in class, to watch hatch into little chicks. All 12 eggs hatched and all chicks were healthy and very cute. Pupils enjoyed holding them very carefully and they learnt about their life cycle.

During our annual European Day, Class F learnt all about France; the country, Paris, the food and even some of the language.

CF Day of Mercy:

Pupils in Class F did lots of different activities on the Day of Mercy. They learnt about Joseph and his coat of colours, and how Joseph was merciful to his brothers. They finger painted his colourful coat.

Class F Fund raising:

Children in Class F organised and ran, "pin the hat on Barnaby Bear" in order to raise money for clothes for the poor.