Sunday 21st January 2018


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European day 2017:

Each class chose a European country to study for the day. They did lots of cross-curricular and creative work around their country including food tasting, dance, art and geography. They learnt lots about the culture of the chosen country.

International Week 2017:

During our annual International Week, pupils learnt all about the geography, customs and culture of a chosen non-European country. They did lots of cross-curricular and creative work based on their country, including dance, art and food tasting. Each class created a display demonstrating some of the work they did during the week.

Fair Trade Week 2016:

During March 2016 we held our annual "Fair Trade Week" in school. The children learnt all about Fair Trade and why we should support it; they did lots of cross-curricular and creative work on this theme. They then each brought in a Fair Trade breakfast snack and we held a whole-school Fair Trade Breakfast in the school hall.

Tour de France Day

We held a themed "Tour de France Day" in school, focussing on both the tour through Yorkshire and the event in France itself. Pupils took part in lots of cross-curricular activities on this theme, including geography, maths, literacy, art, research and DT, while Class F brought in their bikes and had their very own "Tour de Reception."

Visits to Bibi's Restaurant Summer term 2014

Several of our classes have been to visit Bibi's to learn about Italian food. They have leanrt to make pizza dough, and created their own pizzas, designed their own cookie monsters and learnt about running a restauant. A great day out was had by Class F, Class 2, Class 3 and some of our year 5 pupils. Many thanks to Bibi's and their staff.

International Week 2014: Bollywood Dance

During our International Week, each class enjoyed a Bollywood dance workshop. They learnt Indian dance moves and music and learnt about the Indian cultural use of dance. During the week each class studied a different, non-European country, including Japan, Brazil, USA and Australia.

African Arts Workshops - September 2013

As part of our ongoing work bringing the International Dimension on to our curriculum, all pupils from Y1-Y6 enjoyed a workshop on African arts. This included African dance and African drumming. The older children in particular had a good discussion session, learning about Africa and African culture.


International Week - Summer 2013

We held our annual International Week in June 2013. Each class learnt about a different, non-European, country. They undertook research and completed lots of art, music, writing and geography about their country.
Children from our partner school, St. Anthony's, visited to spend the day learning alongside Y3. It was an enjoyable, fun week in school!


International Dance Workshops

As part of our ongoing work, bringing the International Dimension into school through as many subjects as possible, we have recently held a series of dance workshops. Every class in school enjoyed learning a dance from a different part of the world. Class F learnt Aboriginal dance, Class 1 learnt Flamenco dancing, while Class 2 practised Romanian Duo. Class 5 had great fun with their Carnival theme, while Class 3 learnt to do Greek dancing and Class 4 learnt Romanian Damul. Each of the sessions was greatly enjoyed by both pupils and teachers!



Re-accreditation of the International Award

We are delighted that as a result of all our creative, cross-curricular work bringing the International Dimension onto the curriculum, we have received re-accreditation as an International School. This status has been extended until 2015. As well as bringing internationalism onto the general curriculum we hold an annual International Week, an annual European Day, work alongside partner schools in Africa and Beeston, and bring in a variety of workshops on the International theme. Pupils therefore learn all about other cultures and countries, challenging stereotypes and fitting them to live in our multi-cultural society.
24/08/2009 - School Achieves International Award

Last year's work on bringing the International Dimension on to the curriculum has all paid off, with St. Edward's being accredited with the Full International School's Award. 

This means that we are an "International School" and the accreditation lasts for three years before re-application. 

We shall of course continue to enrich our curriculum with cross-cultural links and activities, preparing our pupils for life in our multi-cultural soceity.