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Outstanding KS2 Results 2017:
We have once again achieved amazing results in the Y6 SATs tests, with our progress scores for reading/writing/maths combined placing us once again among the top 5% in the country. (Individually reading placed top 20%, writing placed top 5% and maths placed top 10%.) Many children exceeded national expectations for their age with 74% above for reading, 53% above for writing, 89% above for Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation, and 95% above expectations for maths. Everyone has worked very hard to achieve these outstanding results - well done to all!

National figures in italics and brackets (One child = 5%)

Outstanding KS2 Results 2017:



Writing (TA)


Below Expected

12 (29%)

5% (23%)

5% (24%)

5% (25%)


84% (71%)

95% (77%)

95% (76%)

95% (75%)

St Edward’s combined R/S/M is 89% (National combined score is 61%)



Below Expected




Excellent KS1 Results:
This year's KS1 results are also outstanding as the table below highlights. These results are well above the national average for KS1. All staff have worked very hard to contribute to this great achievement.

KS1 Results 2017:





Below Expected










Greater depth





Y1 Phonic Results 2017:
This year 95% of pupils passed the Y1 Phonic test, which is once again well above the national average.

Foundation Stage Results 2017:
The majority of Foundation pupils reached the early learning goals in all areas, giving us a GLD (Good Level of Development) of 81%, which is well above the national average.


Outstanding KS2 Results 2016:
We have once again attained outstanding end of KS2 results in all subjects, with these results placing us again in the top 5% of primary schools in the country for our academic achievement and attainment. Well done to all staff who work so hard to achieve this.

National figures in italics and brackets (One child = 6%)
Outstanding KS2 Results 2016: Reading SPAG Writing (TA) Maths
Below Expected 6% (44%) 12% (28%) 18% (26%) 12% (30%
Expected 94% (66%) 88% (73%) 82% (74%) 88% (70%)

St Edward’s combined R/S/M is 82% (National combined score is 53%)
Below Expected 0%
Expected 100%
KS1 Results 2016: Reading Writing Maths Science
Below Expected 20% 70%  30% 
Expected 40% 25% 50% 100%
Greater depth 40% 5% 20% 0

Y1 Phonics Results 2016:
Once again we achieved the outstanding result of 100% pass mark in the annual Year 1 Phonics Test.

The Foundation Stage "Good Level of Development" for 2016 was 79%, which is significantly above the National Average.
Outstanding 2015 Results: Once again the school attained fantastic results across all age groups, coming third in Leeds for our KS2 results:
KS2 Results 2015: Reading SPaG  Writing Maths Science
Level 4+ 100% 100%  100%  100%  100% 
Level 5 90% 86%   43%  67%  29%
Level 6 5% 14%      
(Pupils are meant to be Level 4)
KS1 Results 2015: Reading Writing Maths Science
Level 2+ 100%  96% 100% 100%
Level 2B+ 100% 78% 96% 100%
Level 3 33% 11%  30% 41%
(Pupils are meant to be Level 2)

Y1 Phonic Test Result: 100% of children passed the test, with 41% of children attaining full marks.

YF Good Level of Development: 91% (Significantly above the national and local average)

School League Tables:
Outstanding 2014 Results:
Once again the school has achieved excellent results at both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.
KS1 Results:
Pupils are meant to attain level 2 at the end of year 2. This year 100% of pupils were Level 2 or higher in reading, writing and maths, with 42% at the higher level 3 in reading, 21% at level 3 in writing, and  37% attaining level 3 in maths. Well done to all!
KS2 Results:
Our results at the end of year 6 continue to place us among the top schools in the country. Pupils are meant to attain level 4 when they leave us. This year 100% of pupils attained level 4 or above in reading, SPaG (Spelling, grammar and punctuation) and maths. 89% of pupils attained the higher level 5 in reading, with 53% at level 5 in SPaG and 11% at an incredible level 6. In maths 79% reached level 5 with 32% at level 6. A great achievement by everyone - well done!
Fantastic KS2 Results 2013

The school has once again achieved outstanding results for Year 6 at the end of their primary school career. (Pupils should finish Y6 at a level 4.) 2013's results are:
- 100% L4+ in reading, with a massive 84% at the higher level 5
- 95% L4+ in writing, with 68% at level 5 and 11% at an incredible level 6
- 100% L4+ in maths, with 58% at level 5 and 26% at level 6
- 100% L4+ in science, with 68% at level 5
100% of pupils in Y6 had made, at least, the 2 levels of expected progress from KS1 to KS2, in both English and maths.
KS1 Results 2013

Results for Y2 pupils (where children are expected to be level 2):
- an excellent 96% L2+ in reading, with 39% at the higher level 3
- 70% L2+ in writing, with 4% at level 3
- 91% L2+ in maths, with 22% at level 3
- 100% L2+ in science, with 48% at level 3
Y1 Phonic Test Result 2013

We are delighted with our outstanding 100% pass rate in the national phonic test. This highlights the standard or our phonic teaching, through the Read, Write Programme.
Outstanding 2012 Results

The school's latest assessment results continue to place St. Edward's among the top schools in the country, with us out-perfoming schools nationally at all key stages. Our 2012 Key stage 2 results placed us, once again, among the top 60 primary schools in the country. Below is a summary of our 2012 results:
100% of pupils scored more than the average 6 points, in all areas of learning.
Y1 Phonic Test:
87% of pupils reached the pass mark in this new test, compared with 32% nationally. 40% of our pupils scored 100% on the test.
100% of pupils gained the expected Level 2 or more, in reading, maths and science, with 85% reaching this in writing. 30% of pupils reached the higher, level 3, standard in both reading and maths, with 15% at level 3 in writing and 67% at level 3 in science. Our average point score across the subjects placed us above the national, the Local Authority and our Statistical neighbours.
92% of pupils reached the expected Level 4 or more, in English overall, reading and science, with 96% reaching this level in writing, and 85% in maths. The higher level 5, was reached by 69% English, 73% Reading, 50% Writing, 62% Maths and 65% in Science. We did not enter any children in for the level 6 external tests, but 8% of pupils were awarded level 6 for their writing (non-external test). These results saw us named in the top 60 primary schools in the country.
School Results in top 3% of the Country

We have now had the analysis of this year's SATs results, and are delighted to announce that the progress made by our Y6 children, from the end of KS1 to the end of KS2, has placed us in the top 3% of schools in the country. This value added score has consistently been in the top 7% of the country for the last 6 years running (varying from top 1% to top 7%) These results continue to place us in the Ofsted "outstanding" category. They are a result of the hard work and dedication of the whole staff team, as well as of the support of the parents and governors, and of course are also due to the pupils own hard work. Well done to everyone!
Fantastic KS2 SATs Results

We have once again achieved outstanding reults in the end of school, Y6, SATs tests. Our results from the exams taken in summer 2011 are: 100% of pupils have achieved Level 4+ in maths, reading, writing and English overall (pupils are expected to reach level 4 at the end of year 6.) The higher grade of Level 5 was achieved by a huge 60% of pupils in maths, by 35% in writing, 85% in reading, and therefore 55% of pupils in English overall (redaing and writing combined.) These results demonstrate that the school continues to reach the highest academic standards, and are the result of hard work and dedication from all of the staff, as well as from the efforts of the pupils, supported well by their parents. Congratulations and thank you to everyone.
Ofsted Rates our School as Outstanding 2010-2011

Last year's excellent SATs results and the progress those pupils made throughout their time at St Edward's has once again seen the school placed high in the National and Local League Tables. St Edward's have rated top in Leeds on the Average Point score gained across English and Maths, and top in Leeds on the percentage of pupils achieving level 4 or above. We were named in the Times newspaper as one of the top 50 primary schools in the country. Well done to all who work so hard here and support us so well.

Due to the continued high level of results that we achieve, Ofsted have written to us and to parents to confirm that they will not currently be re-visiting us to inspect the school; they rate that our results continue to place us in the "outstanding" category which the last inspection graded us at.
01/09/2008 - Outstanding Ofsted!     

St. Edward's had a visit from the Ofsted inspectors in July 2008. 

We are delighted that the strengths of the school were recognised with the grade of "outstanding" for everything! 

Here are some quotes from the Ofsted report: 

"This is an outstanding school where pupils learn exceptionally well. The school fully meets its aim: "For all children to reach their potential academically, spiritually, morally, socially, creatively and physically." This is because of outstanding leadership and management, an exceptionally rich curriculum, outstanding teaching quality, and excellent care, support and guidance for all learners." 

"Pupils say, "We'd like the school to be a bit bigger but apart from that its perfect." They especially like the teachers, explaining, "You can have a conversation with them. The fun in the lessons makes you work hard and gives you confidence." 

"Standards are high and achievement is outstanding." 

"There is outstanding provision for pupils with learning difficulties ...... equally, more able pupils are exceptionally well challenged. ..... As a result, two-thirds of pupils consistently exceed expected levels in English and mathematics and almost all pupils exceed them in science." 

"Behaviour is exemplary ....." 

"Pupils are exceptionally well prepared for their future lives ...." 

"Governance is outstanding ....... the school has an outstanding capacity to improve further." 

You can find the whole report on this website: Go to "Documents" open up "St. Edward's Catholic Primary Documents," and it is entitled "Ofsted Report 2008."